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Fembuiz is a comprehensive directory of inspiring, professional businesswomen. We showcase their products and services in one easy-to-use database, helping clients source the right people for their needs.

Do you need a reliable, caring female babysitter or personal assistant?

Would you prefer a female taxi driver for late night journeys?

Are you or ever wondering where the female mechanics, electricians and carpenters are located?

Do you need guidance or advice from a female psychologist, lawyer or doctor?

Would you feel more at ease with a female fitness instructor or psychologist?

Do you relate better to a female life coach?

For any of the above and many more, Fembuiz is the directory for you.

And if you have a business, product, group or service you would like to promote, we would love you to join us.

If your boss or business partner is male and supports women in business, you are welcome to promote your profession and the company right here on Fembuiz.

Your account is easy to self-manage and you can make changes whenever needed. Add photos, bios and promotions. The system is user-friendly and easy to use.

Listing with us is completely FREE with our basic Bronze membership for 12 months, or take advantage of our feature-filled Silver lifetime package that includes space for your mission statement, a photo gallery and access to the exclusive FB members group for a one-time fee of just $59 inc. GST. Our top-level Gold lifetime membership provides the highest level of promotion and features for just $149 inc. GST, so click the Sign up Now button TODAY. We look forward to welcoming you.

Fembuiz is committed to building a database of inspiring women looking to help and support each other, whilst promoting their brand and services. Creating a community and online presence for this generation and beyond.

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Business Name Blog

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