111 Wellness space

111 Wellness Space, Medina

We are so happy to announce the launch of the 111 Wellness Space we're opening in Medina, WA. We are giving away 5- 3x hour bookings for Free. to use the space over the month of February and March 2022. All you have to do is email us with…

Megan Haigh and the Executive Entourage

Have you ever wondered where you could find someone to help boost your career as an assistant? Or how to find a great assistant with support?  We all know two heads are better than one. Megan Haigh gathered her years of experience with being…
Kath Mazzella

Kath Mazzella and her mission to create Gynaecological/Vulval Awareness

“Vagina”, “the clit”, “muff”, “minge”, “pussy”, “fanny”, “the snatch” are very commonly used words and slang words when talking about “the lady-private part” professionally known as “the vulva”, but not…

Welcome to Fembuiz Directory

Fembuiz Directory is the home of inspiring women from across Australia who aim to help, challenge themselves and have unique businesses.

It’s our mission to help women grow within their community & their home.

It’s our vision to see women lead a path with passion and a fulfilling purpose that will help others in the local community.  While living their best lives with their loved ones and creating their business dreams into a successful empire.

Fembuiz Wants To Connect With:

  • like-minded businesswomen
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We cover all industries from trades and services through to marketing, finance, advertising and home businesses.

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