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Life's one journey

Life’s One Journey with Corinne Wilson

My name is Corinne Wilson, my family is my life and they inspire me daily, my partner sustained a brain injury, we have 4 children, of which 2 of them live with Autism and I have fostered another 2 children.  For years we have been on a search…

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Marketing your business by Cathy Smith

Why your marketing should be making you money not just another business expense. When it comes to marketing your business, you need to think beyond a few Facebook ads or hours of time that you spend for little return. Your business marketing…

It’s our mission to help women working in male-dominated trades to stand out and to help women to grow within their community.

We want to encourage women to be brave, fulfill their mission, and have the confidence to tell their stories.

The values we would like the Fembuiz members to adopt is:

  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF – Listen, learn, ask, keep growing, and don’t be afraid of what you don’t know.
  • AIM TO HELP – This has a profound rippling effect, what goes around comes around, plus you get that warm fuzzy feeling.
  • BE UNIQUE – Everyone else is already taken and the world needs your different ideas.  If your business is that unique that you can’t see it in the categories, send an email and let us know, we can add it for you.

Fembuiz is a comprehensive directory of inspiring, professional businesswomen.

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The system is user-friendly enabling you to list your business to the directory database online so you don’t have to wait for a return call or be on hold after listening to those annoying machines.

Personalise your business listing with a mission statement, a description of what is it that you do, add some eye-catching photos to your gallery or upload some documents for the public to easily be able to view or upload making it convenient for them.

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